Renovating and/or remodeling a home or commercial space is beneficial in numerous ways. First, performing upgrades and renovations will help increase resale value and improve your chances of making a sale if the time ever comes to do so.

Another benefit to renovating your home or commercial space is the satisfaction that comes along with making something new and beautiful again. Improving the look and feel of any indoor space will improve well-being in addition to any monetary benefits.

Sometimes home or commercial building renovations can be challenging situations and you might not know where to start. In such cases, fear not. Modern Master is here to help. We specialize in kitchen, bathroom and basement renovations in Princeton, NJ. We provide a vast array of home improvement and remodeling services under one roof.

Bathroom Remodels

If you’re looking to perform routine repairs or complete a total overhaul, we spring into action to make sure the job gets done to satisfaction the first time around. All you have to do is sit back and watch your bathroom become a work of art.

Kitchen Remodels

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to boost the value of your home while also adding functionality and a new aesthetic that you can enjoy for years to come. If you feel trapped inside your kitchen, we can help turn it into something that you love.

Carpentry & Trim Work

Some remodeling services end up contracting out carpentry and trim work, but that’s not what we do at Modern Master. We have the expertise to perform carpentry, trim work, and any other home renovations you need.

Basement Remodels

Basement remodels are famous for never getting done or at the very least not getting done to full satisfaction. Since the basement is out of the way and out of plain view, it’s an easy space to ignore. We can help you achieve your basement remodeling goals at a price that will make you smile.


Flooring is important for the safety and overall aesthetic of any indoor space. We can help you with flooring repair and flooring installations that will help you achieve your overall creative vision.

Railings & Balusters

We also specialize in railings and balusters installation and repair. We are a one-stop shop offering an expansive suite of home renovation and home improvement services to our clients.

Contact Modern Master today to learn more about who we are and how we can help you achieve your home improvement goals.